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ProDeJIP 2nd annual conference

Second annual Conference of the Association for the Promotion

and the Development of Joint International Programmes in Higher Education



25th February 2016 in Leiden, The Netherlands


The Conference focused on several issues crucial to the quality and continued success of JIPs, some of which might not always be considered as central, due to a tendency to emphasize the financial aspects of making programmes ‘sustainable’. Such issues were: accreditation; developing stronger links with alumni of joint programmes; JIPs which include non-EU partners; the quality of teaching and learning itself in such international environments.

Dr. Eric Beerkens
, Senior Policy Officer for Internationalisation at Leiden, provided a warm welcome to the Conference participants on behalf of the Conference host Leiden University. In a highly relevant speech, he highlighted the rapid growth in the number of international partnerships during the last two decades, in particular within the EHEA, underlining the high proportion of joint programmes within this field.  While recognising the need for further work and improvement in the years ahead, he was optimistic about the future perspectives and stressed the importance of social interaction within such partnerships.

Mark Frederiks
of ECA gave a detailed look at the European approach for the accreditation of joint programmes and the challenges faced by it, including a lack of knowledge and awareness by the main stakeholders. This was followed by an informative presentation by Apiyo Okwiri, current President of EMA, in which she gave very clear and concrete examples of how JIPs can engage with their alumni for their mutual benefit. Vera Zabotkina of the Russian State University for the Humanities rounded off the morning session by outlining successful examples of joint programmes between her institution and various EU HEIs, and by providing reflections on the challenges and benefits of such programmes based on her wide experience.

The afternoon saw two sessions, the first of which was delivered by Kevin Haines of the University of Groningen, who gave an educational and entertaining presentation highlighting the perhaps overlooked yet crucial aspect of the multicultural and multilingual learning space, given the importance of the quality of teaching and the learning environment to JIPs. The presentation was partly based of the principles established by the IntlUni project, in particular the roles of the three ‘dimensions’: the HEI, the teacher and the student, and the interactions between each of these three. The final presentation of the day was given by the current President of ProDeJIP, Boas Erez. The session took its starting point from the survey report of the Erasmus Mundus Thematic cluster on Sustainability, before inviting participants to identity potential aspects missing from the report. Some central points which emerged during the discussion were: the issue of leadership and the related questions of training and transmission; the importance of networking, e.g. by working with alumni and with actors in the job market.

All in all, the presentations gave a good indication of the fact that the prospects for JIPs are still quite good.

To view the presentations used during the Conference, please click on the titles of each session in the Conference programme detailed below:

Conference Programme

Morning plenary session

Accreditation of joint programmes: the new European Approach - Mark FREDERIKS (European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education - ECA)

Proposals for working/exchanging with alumni of joint programmes - Apiyo OKWIRI (President, Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association - EMA)

Examples of JIPs involving non-European countries - Vera ZABOTKINA, (Russian State University for the Humanities)

Afternoon sessions

1) Sustainability - A reading seminar
- with Boas EREZ (President of ProDeJIP)

2) The multilingual and multicultural learning space - with Kevin HAINES (University College Groningen)

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