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ProDeJIP - 2nd annual conference

Second annual Conference of the Association for the Promotion

and the Development of Joint International Programmes in Higher Education



25th February 2016 in Leiden, The Netherlands

 with the support of CIMEA


The aim of the conference is to bring together the members of ProDeJIP and all those interested in the development of JIPs at large. It will be preceded by ProDeJIP's General Assembly in the afternoon of February 24th and followed by training sessions in the morning of February 26th.


Whether you are a member of ProDeJIP or not, you should consider attending the conference:

 - if you are working on an existing joint program, e.g. of Erasmus Mundus type or if you are preparing a new one
 - if you wish to meet people involved in the implementation of joint programmes
 - if you share the ambition to strengthen the cooperation within the European Higher Education Area and with universities throughout the world
 - if you would like to participate in the creation of a structured network of professionals with experience in the development and implementation of joint programmes.


The conference will allow participants to meet around structured exchanges whilst also providing an opportunity for frank and open discussion of topics relevant, e.g. to European HE cooperation programs.


The conference will also allow for exchange of information on the intimate functioning of existing joint programmes, best practices, national regulations and possible and existing problems and solutions.


Furthermore, it will provide a good opportunity for networking among the various participants.

Programme of the conference on 25th February 2016 (updated on 11/02/2016)

Programme of the training session on 26th Feburary 2016 (included in the conference fee)


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