SHALOMundus project

SHALOMundus - SHaring, Advising, Learning and Outlining Erasmus Mundus

The SHALOMundus project aimed at spreading the Erasmus Mundus Programme in Israel though thematic seminars on location at two main Israeli universities: Bar-Ilan University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
The main target groups were students, scholars and the administrative staff of the two universities.
The purpose of this project is to organize different seminars at each university in order to inform students, scholars and the administrative staff on the characteristics and opportunities of the Erasmus Mundus.
At each university two distinct thematic seminars were organized, designed for the needs of three different components of the universities:
- Students were informed of the opportunities provided by Erasmus Mundus Programme (Action 1 and 2) in terms of mobility;
- For scholars information were focused on opportunities for the realization of joint programs with universities in the European Union and the possibility of carrying out projects within Action 3;
- For the administrative staff the information were on the problems arising from participation in joint courses starting from the Erasmus Mundus model, analyzing the elements of courses and highlighting examples of good practice as well as all Action 3 projects concluded to date that can be used to support the resolution of problems arising from mobility and the relationship between institutions belonging to different systems of Higher Education.